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However, there is a hidden side of the Virgo that appears to be controlling. The Virgo sign is also incredibly avoidant of conflict, and will seek to restore any sources of anxiety or imbalance in life. The no-drama attitude many Virgos can demonstrate has made them to be incredibly empathetic and willing to mend relationships. Many who hold the Virgo sign are well aware how much they love to play role of organizer, host, and provider.

It is no surprise that the Virgo is symbolized by the Virgo Maiden, who is depicted as a maiden typically holding a harvest or some sort of carrying wheat. The Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign in astrology and is associated with family and home building. The Virgo Maiden is kind and gentle, and reflects all the traits one would consider when thinking of the qualities found in a lifelong friend. The Maiden is a deep thinker with strong feelings and emotions. The Virgo Maiden is deeply connected to the natural world with the Virgo spirit drawn to the outdoors, oceans, and mountains.

The Maiden is also incredibly interested in the arts and literature and will display the characteristics of a lifelong student of the world. The zodiac element of Earth reflects personalities that are grounded and rooted in the present. Those who carry the Earth element are well known for displaying personality traits of steadfastness, integrity, and hard work.

The Earth element connects the individual with the greater natural world with an almost spiritual connection to nature and the great outdoors. The Earth element is made of zodiac signs that enjoy taking their time and need time to process situations to make sense of their day to day lives. Those who carry the Earth element are reliable and responsible, with strong personalities that can weather through the storms of life. The zodiac signs who share the Earth element always make for great sources of support and compassion. In Roman mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods and represented daily expression of relationships and meaningful communication.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, one of the planets closest to both the Earth and Sun in our solar system. Mercury moves quickly through the zodiac, just as the planet has quick rotations around the Sun. With this rotation, Mercury-ruled Virgo draws warmth and energy to pour into the lives of those around the Virgo. The strong, vibrant energy Mercury bestows upon the Virgo zodiac sign rules the mind and thoughts of the Virgo. With this planetary relationship to Mercury, many who hold the Virgo zodiac are already well aware of the ever changing emotions and moods that come with this celestial connection.

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This is because of the triplicities, or the qualities of those signs. Just like there are 4 elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, there are 3 triplicities. These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed. The Virgo sign demonstrates many attractive qualities, but is better understood as one of the Mutable signs of the zodiac. As a Mutable sign, the Virgo sign is someone who is willing to go with the flow and is adaptable to changing emotions, situations, and seasons of life.

The Virgo zodiac is defined by a spirit of love, service and dedication to others. The Virgo sign values loving others deeply and seeking to feel valued by those the Virgo shares meaningful relationships with. Virgo horoscope readings are complex because the Virgo is both strategic and resourceful, but also immensely emotional and spiritual.

The top traits of the Virgo are always going to be associated with the warmth and comfort that the symbol of the Virgin Maiden. The innocence and care the Maiden symbol reflects speaks to the top traits all Virgo sign holders carry with them. These top traits include:.

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Connection, empathy, and kindness. Nothing is more valuable to the Virgo zodiac sign than the relationships in life. The Virgo is an excellent communicator, well versed in expressing not only their own feelings, but also guiding those around them to express their own thoughts and feelings as well. To no surprise, the Virgo loves the arts and any sort of expression of inner spirituality and creativity. The biggest challenge for the Virgo is the high level of expectations they place on themselves and on others.

Although the Virgo loves to provide and give, the shadow effect that arises when the Virgo feels unappreciated creates a controlling, bitter personality type that is prone to creating toxic relationships. Conflict is a major source of anxiety for all that fall under the Virgo zodiac. If there is conflict between the Virgo and another zodiac sign, rest assured the Virgo has already been ruminating countless iterations of past fights or conversations.

In conflict, the Virgo will first attempt to approach the tension with logic to understand what is at stake for both sides, speaking to the Virgo characteristics of empathy. But then, the Virgo will spend much of its time and energy trying to understand its own emotions and feelings with ways to communicate them to the other party. The Virgo cannot stand sitting in silence and longs for peace and harmony, so they will continue to work on the issues until there is either resolution or a game plan to move forward together.

Relationships are everything to the Virgo. Your Virgo horoscope will continue to show that the Virgo looks at relationships as the most important facet of his or her life. The Virgo can be extremely picky and have a high standard when considering love in relationships, but always looks at the long road ahead in mind.

Read the Virgo Love Horoscope to understand why relationships are at the core of the Virgo horoscope. Sex is vital to healthy love relationships. But to Virgo, sex is the physical expression of the love shared in relationships.

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As you continue to read the daily Virgo horoscope, it becomes clear that Virgo zodiacs have an immensely high standard of what to give and expect in relationships and friendships. When something is out of whack, Virgo will know how to get it back in place. When life feels chaotic, Virgo will tidy up.

Virgo is also known for being fussy, and while this may be how the sign manifests in some, it's real aim is the intelligent flow of energy. To streamline is divine. When things are in order, healing happens much more easily. And so does success. When Virgo wants to make something happen, it manifests an almost superhuman capacity to work until it is so. As the last part of August and the first part of September unfold, the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all move through the busy fields of Virgo.

That number of planets moving through a sign results in a heavy emphasis on the sign's traits—and ini this case, that means that work and how we do ours will become a major focus in our lives. As the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars move through Virgo, they each create relationships with Uranus, planet of innovation; Saturn, planet of discipline; and Pluto, planet of transformation. This set-up encourages us all to work in ways that are efficient and sustainable—so the the long-lasting changes we need to make can take place.

Virgo Season supports your most innovative ideas for your work projects. The more you believe in your vision, the clearer it becomes. Trust your instincts. Virgo Season sets you up for positive changes. Virgo Season encourages you to clean out the clutter in your home. Open up the closet doors that rarely get cracked. The focus this month is on minimizing excess and freeing up your energy.

Virgo Season will help you focus on the practical use of your days. This moment in time also teaches you how to get your ideas across to the masses. Virgo Season wants you to beat your personal best. Your financial situation is begging for a breakthrough, and how you make a living is undergoing changes.

The 10 Best & Worst Zodiac Personality Traits Of Virgo (+ Their Perfect Love Match)

This is your time to shine, Virgo. Your season is staked with cosmic support, assisting you to make big, yet sustainable changes. Breakthroughs abound and sincere self-expression helps you develop a relationship to your creativity. The skies are begging you to believe in yourself—and risk letting everyone else know you do. Virgo Season asks you to clean out the back rooms of your life.