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Astrologers Day Astrologer Story Narayan

Theme Wheel. A concise biography of R. Visual theme-tracking, too. Brief Biography of R. Narayan R.

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Narayan was born to a large, well-educated family in South India. His father was a school headmaster who constantly traveled, so Narayan spent much of his childhood in the care of his grandmother; she schooled him in mythology, arithmetic, classical music, and Indian languages the family mostly conversed in English.

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With the support of his family, Narayan wrote several novels about a fictional Indian town, commenting on issues such as the abuse of students in schools and the imbalance of power between men and women in marriage. Though these works were rejected by many publishers, English novelist Graham Greene helped Narayan find publication in Europe.

At 29, the author married and took a job as a journalist to support his new family; his wife died of typhoid five years later, however, sending him into a deep depression. Around this time Narayan produced the autobiographical fiction The English Teacher. To solve this problem, he started his own publishing house, Indian Thought Publications, which still exists and is operated by his granddaughter. Narayan also began to adapt his writing to suit a more creative, less introspective style, but still made commentary on sociopolitical issues and the irony of Indian life.

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Narayan died in Download it! As instituted by the British rulers in the 19th century, Indian citizens are assigned a social caste or class from birth, depending on lineage and family ties. Higher castes are afforded more economic and educational opportunities, better support from the government, and greater freedom. Low castes are oppressed and devalued, with far fewer opportunities for success or advancement in life. Although British colonial rule was thrown off when India declared independence in , and discrimination particularly violence based on caste was outlawed in , the caste system remains a dominant social force to this day.

The Indian subcontinent was partitioned between the Hindu and Muslim populations so that each could have their own self-governing states, creating modern-day India and Pakistan. This process of division, known as Partition, grew extremely violent, resulting in the deaths and displacement of millions. His work stands next to the writing of his contemporaries Raja Rao, whose novel The Serpent and the Rope set the benchmark for English prose in India, and Mulk Raj Anand, whose novel Untouchable exposed the darkest aspects of the caste system. Like Narayan, both authors gave international audiences a first-hand examination of the lives of middle and lower-class Indians and the perversities and ironies of such an ancient culture living in the modern world.

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