Taurus weekly horoscope january 8

You might want to cocoon at home. Be aware of the restrictions of the Moon Alert. Get as much done as possible before the Moon Alert starts today because it will affect your thinking, your travel plans and your everyday dealings with others. Once it begins, postpone important decisions and purchases until tomorrow. But you can do intellectual homework.

This is a money day for you; however, once the Moon Alert begins today, you should restrict spending to food, gas and entertainment. Furthermore, you should not entertain financial decisions or enter into financial arrangements. Be aware of this. Today the Moon is in your sign; however, there will be a Moon Alert today. You will feel more emotional than usual about many things today.

Enjoy schmoozing with others but agree to nothing important after the Moon Alert begins. Today the Moon is in a hidden part of your chart, which is also where the Moon Alert will occur. Possibly, you will feel out of touch with things. Don't worry.

Taurus Weekly Horoscopes: January 8 – January 14, 2018

This is temporary and certainly gone by tomorrow. Many of you are keen to make travel plans.

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Make sure you do this before the Moon Alert begins today. Actor Matt Damon shares your birthday today. You are creative, imaginative and competitive. You are also levelheaded, practical and fair.

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This is a fun-loving year! You know what you're doing. In other news, starts out with Uranus finishing up his trek through Aries for good. Until March 6 he'll travel through the last degree of this sign, reminding us how to use our sense of independent, pioneering spirit in a way that is liberating without being reckless. Once Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, he'll remain here through April The foundation of your life is bound to crack in some way in order to alert you to the fact that it's no longer serving as a solid base, but rather a suffocating boundary.

Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself in terms of your values and your place in the material world. It's time. Many will begin new career paths at the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 which aligns perfectly to Saturn in Capricorn.

Taurus: Your daily horoscope - October 09

This eclipse means business and offers you the potential to move mountains. A Solar Eclipse on July 2 in Cancer will oppose Saturn, asking you to let go of what you thought made you secure in order to become the master builder of your life.

This final eclipse of will be magical. It's conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn and trine Uranus in Taurus. Expect a sudden, material windfall to occur if you've done the work of securing your place in the world. You tend to go over the top and indulge in food, drink and work. Observe balance in all areas or chaos will result. Meditate to achieve a fine balance within, which is reflected outside as well.

Lucky number 7. Colour grey.

Your weekly horoscope January 2 – January 8 – The Current

Resolve situations rather than delay decisions. Your sense of humour and lightness is most needed today to get you smoothly past difficult situations. A Gemini person helps you lighten up and gain perspective. Ignore rumors, as they are likely to be false. Lucky number Colour saffron. You are enthusiastic about new creative opportunities today.

A trip overseas actualizes with a bit of luck and good planning. You manage financial and business aspects competently and tie up loose ends. Slow and steady achievement of goals leads to prosperity. Lucky number 3. Colour red. There is strength, energy and courage in personal and professional aspects.

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Avoid superficial people. A shopping spree could blow your budget.


You have the courage to be different, to be true to yourself, your friends and your values. Trust your intuition! Colour yellow. You tend to be impulsive when making important decisions and need to consider priorities. Your sense of humour takes you smoothly through a difficult situation.