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असोज महिनाको राशिफल 2076 - Capricorn monthly horoscope - asoj mahina ko rashifal 2076 / rashifal

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Make sure you pay attention to all the little clues that filter in, as they are sure to add up to something really great! Leo Daily Overview for October 09, Before you get angry today, you need to take a step back, breathe deeply and think things through.

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Is anger likely to solve any problems? If so, go for it—but if not, find a healthy outlet. Virgo Daily Overview for October 09, Try to avoid tackling anything new. You should be able to get your people to help you clear the decks and get ready for more, but anything started today is likely to expand beyond what it's worth.

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Libra Daily Overview for October 09, Your people need more harmony in their lives—and that's what you're here for! Help them find ways to make life sweeter and more pleasant, but try not to worry about the big picture yet. Scorpio Daily Overview for October 09, Your dreaming life may be more invigorating than your waking life today—but all of it is good! Your energy is great, and you should be able to come up with creative ideas quite easily.

Sagittarius Daily Overview for October 09, You need time to think—so find a way to cloister yourself off from the rest of the world and just ponder what to do next.

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Your energy isn't quite right for decisive action, but you can dream. Capricorn Daily Overview for October 09, You need to deal with today's big news compassionately—though that may be hard at first. Try to hear it with an open mind, then open your heart.