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A Journey Tarot Spread

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This book is a helpful

Privacy Policy. Used with humility and respect, they can be a true tool of empowerment and transformation.

Deck Walkthrough The Wild Unknown

The cards also help the querent to grow through personal transformation. The deck is not based on the Tarot.

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Instead, it is numbered and divided into trees, moons astrological signs , stones, plants, animals and directions. It's based on the Native American Shaman construct. There are 65 cards and an optional prayer to recite before starting. The enclosed pamphlet includes innovative spreads including the two-card Pole Spread, the three-card War Path Spread, and my favorite, the three-card Sacred Path spread.

I find the deck very adaptable to innovation and I have successfully used spontaneous spreads.

I was amazed to find that the number correlation of the cards had an easily discernable significance. At least for me, it was easier with this deck, as opposed to the Cartouche or Daughters of the Moon two of my favorite decks. The deck itself is very soothing. The cards are a light Earth color with a Native American motif border and a picture of the object done in muted colors.

The Motherpeace Tarot Tarot Deck

You can easily slip into a light meditation just by shuffling the deck! The message of each card is multi-dimensional. The reader is discouraged from engaging an "ill-dignified" approach to an upside down card. Each card is feminine or masculine, has a direction, an element and a planet. But some also have a chakra, some have two directions, and some are both masculine and feminine.

The other wonderful thing about this deck is that it can be used as a learning tool for those unfamiliar with Native American cosmology. I have been using the card a day method and learned a lot about myself, Native American cosmology, and shamanism.