Leo march 10 2020 horoscope

Entire second half in , it is in Aries. It shows that huge focus and action will be there. Travelling helps us in knowing self. It is a healer. Foriegn travel is possible. Leo in education may do better in the second half of the year. In-laws may demand extra attention. Or a distant relation may come in picture. If you have been delaying holiday for long, this aspect will support you in a big way. It is unexpected zone now. Uranus is passing through your social status. You may see erratic changes in career or social status.

You may be messy situation where a decision may crush your social status. Our prestige and reputation depends on our decisions. Changes are part of life accept it. You are a fixed sign. You have to train your mind to accept changes in slow manner. Neptune is passing through it. PPL born within August 7 to August 13 would be most impacted.

It is in a good mood throughout the year as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn will make good angel from it.

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You need to rely on this area to explore career moves. Some one may give you a property or support.

Loan and insurance payment would be easy. Money should not be a big issue in Marriage matters come last in It is a big focus in But it will go slow in Let cosmic waves play their games.

Leo Horoscope 2020

Don't try harder where there is no focus coming. Still some opportunities windows are there as below. You are always passionate about your looks. Partnership issues would be least in unless you have birth time issue - see ascent horoscope too. Breadcrumb Home. The Moon enters practical, thoughtful Earth sign Virgo today and activates the communication sector of your chart.

Watch out for some news to come your way. This evening is exciting for socializing. The Moon enters Virgo today and illuminates the financial sector of your chart. On an emotional level, issues concerning self worth will be on your mind. You're the sign of royalty— keep that in mind today. The Moon enters your sign today, Virgo! This is a perfect time to check in with yourself and your feelings. This evening, you will be in an adventurous mood—the vibe is exhilarating! While the first part of the day is fantastic for socializing, Libra, the second half is better spent relaxing and taking time alone—or at least with people you can have comfortable silences with.

You're in a friendly mood today, Scorpio!

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Make time to connect with people who inspire you—you have a lot of ideas you're excited about. This evening brings wonderful energy around connecting one-on-one. You'll be ready to get to work today, after the Moon enters diligent Earth sign Virgo. Early this evening, you'll enjoy some very productive energy—it's a great time to focus on work that you've had a hard time getting excited about. The Moon enters fellow Earth sign Virgo today, inspiring you to connect with the world and even learn something new.

Easy energy will flow early this evening; you're feeling inspired and are having fun! Therefore, overall, this year seems to give good returns in terms of finance for you, as per the Leo forecast. The Leo Horoscope predicts that Travel prospects for you in the year might not give good and sufficient results, and you might face hurdles while you plan for travels.

There would be delays or unpredicted obstacles when you think of travelling, be it for work or personal, suggests the Leo Horoscop e. However, small family trips would be successfully completed, and those trips would give you peace of mind and let you feel fresh.

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Take care to avoid excessive expenses while on the trip or for travels, as it might cause you unnecessary losses in the near future as per the Leo Horoscope. During , Saturn would be transiting in the 6 th house of its own sign, Capricorn. Saturn will then be in retrograde motion from 11 th of May, to 29 th of September in the 6 th house. Jupiter would also transit in the 6 th house along with Saturn, in the Capricorn Sign, from 30 th March to 30 th June, and would again be back in Sagittarius from 30 th June to 20 th November. Jupiter will enter its retrograde phase from 14 th May and would be there until 13 th September.

Rahu will transit in the 11 th house, which is the House of gains, from the starting of the year until 23 rd September. After that, it will transit in the 10 th house of the Taurus sign. Leo January Horoscope: The month of January will offer the Leo moon sign natives, favorable possibilities of job change.

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This can also make them take on some unexpected but beneficial travel. A check on health is required as you will try to adjust in a new work environment among new people. Important decisions related to marriage, investment, new business plan should be put on hold, in this month. Efforts will be required in smooth functioning of professional turf, as chances of disputes with co-workers are high. Leo February Horoscope: Keep your suitcase packed in this month, as you will get to travel extensively for work and business needs. Some of these will be long distance journeys, where support of your parents will be essential in keeping the things at home in check.

Guidance of seniors at workplace will be critical in handing complex work situations.

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Business professional will need to be a little more polite and humble while dealing with their partners and employees. Leo March Horoscope: Your health will require attention, since you will be reeling under the effects of extensive travelling undertaken in the previous month. You will be highly vulnerable to infections, in this month, thus, it would be good to stay away from stressful situations and keep an eye on what you consume.

Caution over legal and fiscal matters are advised, as chances of getting into trouble are high, during the month. Your analytical and inspective skills will be helpful in charting new and fruitful career avenues. Leo April Horoscope: This will be a highly favorable month for those who are looking to upskill and learn new technologies and tools for career advancement. Success in higher education is guaranteed, in the month of April for Leo moon sign natives. Support from your father will help you make the right choices in personal and professional life. Look up to your seniors at workplace when stuck with difficult situations, which need immediate solution.

Leo May Horoscope: The month of May will favor career change for most of the Leo ascendants who are looking for better professional opportunities.

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You will be faced with certain challenges at the new workplace, but with your efforts you will be able to get due recognition, sooner than later. For those who will stay put at their current organizations and role, it will be the time to duck sensitive discussion which can lead to arguments with seniors and colleagues. Leo June Horoscope: A check on attitudinal changes which will give you a bad-temper is still required as you step into June. If these outbursts are well taken care of, you will stand a greater chance of gaining the acceptance and acknowledgement of your boss, at the workplace.

Gains through elder siblings are also anticipated, in this month. You will also witness expansion of your friend circle as you will add new connects to it. Sense and sensibilities will be essential in making effective investment decisions for superior results.

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Leo July Horoscope: You will have a spiritual disposition in this month, which will help you get hold of your wayward thoughts and actions. Meditation and yoga will play an essential role in bringing about positive changes in health and well-being. Check for your dietary habits also to avoid any major health complications, during the month. Sudden expenditure will be incurred on unexpected things, which will be a waste of your hard-earned money. Leo August Horoscope: You will start feeling better, as far as the physical and mental state of health is concerned, as soon as you enter the month of August.

Differences in opinion can ignite disputes with spouse, so, you are advised to keep a modest disposition, to avoid occurrence of an unfavorable event in the marital life.