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You may also know whether your married life will remain happy or unhappy. Some strong Yogas related to marriage are:. One can easily know the time of his or her marriage after going through the above Yogas in their birth chart. Newer Post Older Post. Call Us:- April 23, at PM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Spouse profession in Astrology-How to know rich husband & future husband career

Search This Blog. About Me Karan Sharma View my complete profile. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Comments Atom. Popular Posts. We become eager to know about the phys How prosperous will be Jupiter transit for you? We all know how fortunate and prosperous role does Planet Jupiter play in the world of astrology. Being the largest planet of the solar sy Mobile-First indexing, structured data, images, and your site. How can Yearly Predictions be your planner for the year ?

Astrology is one of the finest ways that enable us to enjoy future prospects by exploring it much before it actually happens. This scienc The evolution of astrology and its concepts. Vedic astrology has been termed as the most significant tool for predicting future and promoting success and development in life with sure Love and relationships go hand in hand and are one of the most important aspects of a human life.

This emotion is beyond any control and s Learn how one startup doubled CPL and saved money. Strong Lagna and Lagna Lord will make you influential person among all.

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As 1 st house represent you and just opposite 7 th house is a house of your wife. In Case of Male. It is Just Opposite in case of female as First will represent female and 7th will Husband. So if you are judging your marriage part only from Lagna chart so 1 st , 7 th , and 8 th house and their lords are important because 1 st house is you, 7 th is your wife and 8 th house is second from 7 th.

Remedy, FreeWill and Simple Astrology: Husband in Women chart in Astrology

And second house represent stored wealth and money however 8 th house is also just opposite to actual 2 nd house and also known as inheritance house In laws. Hence 8 th house and its lord is very important and actually tells how much wealth you will get through marriage. However this is not only the formula. You have to calculate the other things also —.

Mars vs. Jupiter as husband in a female's chart (Vedic Astrology)

These all will give you answer of your all question related to marriage life. Do you know why life of the person gets changed after marriage??? Have you thought ever? Someone receive tremendous happiness and money and rises in career after marriage and even in few case which I have seen even remain peace of the person gets destroyed after marriage. And few also continue living average life even after marriage ….

So the question is why so much drama happens??

Because your D-9 or Navamsa chart comes into the picture here -. So whatever you received after marriage Like any situation or anything good or bad given by the planets or after age of 30 to 35 that most effect comes from Navamsa Chart. In Vedic astrology Lagna chart is known as tree so Navamsa chart is known as fruits of that tree… If Lagna chart is a radio then Navamsa chart is a signal of that radio… hence planet debilitated in birth chart but occupied own sign or exalted sign in Navamsa chart has been considered much powerful…Or your life after 30 or life after marriage will depend on the power of Navamsa chart or D-9 Chart.

When will I get marry??

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If no planet is in 7th house or even not aspecting 7th house so you can also check the marriage time period through transit. Transit over 7th house and its lord.

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Karaka Venus, Jupiter also play major role in marriage. Will i get early marriage or Late Marriage? If there is no problem in 7th house and its lord like if its strong and under benefic influence and dasha of these planets are coming in right time in natal chart so chances are higher to get married timely.

Same opposite malafic influence over 7th house and on its lord create delay. Sometime people also problem from dasha system as dasha of marriage causing comes very late. Position of Venus For male and Jupiter and Mars for Female also decides marriage, as they are karakas for marriage. Will I have love marriage or Arrange marriage?? Ohh commonly asked question - As far as i have knowledge for this condition -. If seventh house or its lord is having under any m a lefic influence and the same time 7th house and its lord also having conjunction or one aspect of any benefic planet Love we see through fifth house if fifth house and its lord is also connected with 7th house and with its lord so chances are higher to get love marriage.

So there are lot of combination for love marriage but i have written only about those combination which i have seen in maximum charts. If any chart missing above situation chances for arrange marriage are higher. Will I have luck after marriage? Alone factor cant give you answer of this question. Because luck after marriage or through husband or wife will depends on the total power of Navamsa Chart D Position of Navamsa Lagna lord, 7th lord and 9th lord in Lagna chart and also the position of Lagna lord, 7th lord, 9th lord in Navamsa chart and situation of seventh house in both charts D-1 and D-9 will decide lady luck or husband luck through marriage.

Will I get wealthy family or wealthy wife or husband? So If UL is receiving any benefic and positive aspect as well as lord of UL is exalted then husband or wife would be from noble and wealthy family. Also the position of UL Lord should be positive or exalted.

This is very vast calculation actually. Will I get loving or good nature husband or wife? Again for this you need to check position of UL and its lord. How cute my husband or wife would be? Will i have happy relation ship through out the life? What about my in-laws? As i wrote above 8th house is second from 7th and also represents in laws or family however position of 2nd house from UL also gives answer of this question. So power of 8th house and its lord in Main birth chart and and Navamsa chart will decide family nature, power and position of in laws.

What about my sexual life? However analysis of Karaka of Venus support is also required.

origincnc.net/media/code/localizar-meu-celular-roubado-pelo-imei.php Will I get kids?? Fifth house of main birth chart and its lord position in lagna and Navamsa chart along with fifth house Karaka Jupiter will give answer of this question.

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But we can get detailed information through study D-7 or Saptamsa Chart. Will I get male child or female child? So Astrology denied to answer this question. However strong male planets influence in fifth house and fifth house of D-7 chart gives little Clue.